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Friday, December 21, 2007

Tell Tale Heart (Continuation)

Cessation of the beating was beyond my reach. I grew rampant – clutching my ears from the chronic clamor! Convulsions took control of me! Louder! Louder! Louder! LOUDER! I must scream or die! I must scream or die!

“I cannot bear the beating of his hideous heart no more! Almighty God, please forgive me for I have sinned! Forgive me!”

I was possessed by tumult. My wide eyes were met by the vacant eyes of the officers and their scrutiny of me. Their look was similar to your thoughts, reader; Taking my heightened sense for madness!

“You dare not say I am a mad man! I exclaimed vehemently. “Under those three planks lies the source of the sound! There! There!”

The officers looked at each other, puzzled. Yet, they approached the planks steadily. As they got closer, the beating grew haunting and more intense. My hands, my dead hands were placed heavily on my head. Oh God it ached! It ached very much; agonizing beyond my own words.

“Do you hear not that horrible sound? It is unbearable I say!"

They (officers) carried on with their inquiry. One officer removed the first plank. I could not swallow the anxiety. I paced, and I paced, and I paced. I looked out the window into pitch blackness, only to see a shadowy figure walk past. The second plank was gradually lifted. I grew very nervous about their sighting.
What was I to say? How would I explain? Have you any idea? Madmen don’t think like I think. Am I sound yet? Oh how funny I am! Ha ha!
The last plank was removed. I gasped for air, for their reaction I waited for painfully and patiently.
“What were you screaming about? There is nothing there.”

I stopped; and so did the beating of the hideous heart.

“What do you mean? There is a man dismembered in that spot!”

The police officers stared at my pale body and lifeless eyes. What were they staring at? I haven’t a clue! I haven’t a care! I was free, free at last! I was not.

Now at this point, you fancy me mad since the police took me to an insane asylum. You are still wrong for I am not mad! Was I not successful? The police did not discover the corpse! Madmen have no intellect! I have intellect! I should not be here! I should not! Oh how I hated it here! The food tasted like dead corpses. I fed on this food everyday! It was repulsive! Sickening! It sickened my insides! I developed a heightened sense of taste since I entered this mad house. I can distinctly taste organs and lungs, liver and hearts! I tried to starve myself but they avert me from it. How lovely it would be to quietly pass away this very moment.The nights were long and silent. I settled in a tiny room by myself. Lanterns were nowhere to be found. I conversed with myself for hours. Unclear notions massaged my heavy mind. I stood awake for hours and hours at a time. But one night, I was aroused by slightly, heavy breathing. I deemed it my own, and fell asleep. But there it was again. I tasted the air – dead corpses. From there, I heard a low, dull, quick sound. “Who’s there?” I said vehemently. A warm gentle wind crossed me. I stood up abruptly. And there, standing in front of me, was me.

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FluκεY т y я o said...

the first paragraph..its so intense. seems so real. i can picture a man going crazy..out of his mind....mad.....insane beyond his insanity... =)