what can i say? i'm an eccentric woman.

got more soul

than a sock

with a hole.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Lady Love.

Laying on the grass, underneath a quiet tree
Tickled like the keys of a piano
You make me laugh away my butterflies
Smile to the pretty sky.
I feel like the brightest star
Next to you, next to me
Next to nothing
Can compare to the way you look at me
I drown in your darling eyes

flooded with love
I get tangled with your fickle feet
In your arms is where I wish to stay in endlessly
Touched like a slow first kiss
You make me rise
And I fall in love with you all over
Dream of mere moments maybe to arrive
And as the night ascends, I linger on glad times
Waiting on the moment you open your eyes.


Lately I’ve been thinking
Some heavy things on my mind
Every minute every hour I’m trying
To loosen up this trying bind
I can’t shake these stupid things
So close, but no cigar
I’m drunk on sleepless nights in Seattle
And I’ve never been to a bar
I’m lost in a sullen sea
With my thoughts to keep me company
But those heavy things cloud my blue skies
Knock me down senselessly
So immersed in this tale of journeys
Trips my mind has gone on
Struck by the moonlight a thousand times
That I’ve yet to see the gleaming sun
I would rather be in another place
A place where my thoughts were see-through
Yet these heavy things make that possibly impossible

Impossible to fall in love with you