what can i say? i'm an eccentric woman.

got more soul

than a sock

with a hole.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Eckcentrick Coolness

Weird, quirky, uncanny, outlandish, odd and peculiar.

That's how I like my world.

[S t r a n g e] X.


Lovers stare, driftin' off into another world
From their eyes, this boy and that girl
Share a depth from the soul
Like the ocean...

Night falls, the moon meets the sky
The ocean swirls in circles around
Holdin' hands, givin' love a chance,
Share a kiss, and from there...Romance

Drownin' in eachother's love they are,
Like the depths of the ocean
Walk along the sides of the shore
Off into their f a n t a s y.

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Check it owt.

Smooth pleasure

Charming sweet chaos
full flavoured and frothy fun
Endless taste that fits.

The Naked Truth

Unscramble the voice

Eradicate pure poison
BOOM! Take it all off..

Peresopolis Obfuscation (Pg 24-25)

I double twofold two times dare you to figure out what's going on here...
So, he was frequently sent to an oubliette. Sometimes, they installed him in a cubicle filled with the inorganic mineral with 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen for more than 3600 seconds. I remember when I was a small homosapien with two X chromosomes...
Everytime there was a buffet on the portal, I thought they were advancing to cart off my begetter to gaol.
And the negative reciprocal of -1 times out of the negative reciprocal of -1/2 it was veracious.
  1. "Greetings, is the human who carried you for nine months here?"
    "Negative! Why?"
  2. "Is your begetter home?"

The human with 2 X chromosomes that gave me half her genes went with me to sojourn him.
"Daddy, can I ride on your spine?"
"Terminate it, he is enervated."
"Of course you can."
"Giddiyap! Giddiyap!"

The impecunious man. The dungeon had dismantled his soundness. He had various conditions characterized by inflammation or pain in muscles, joints, or fibrous tissues. All his sparkle he was in throes.
"Come on. That juncture is bygone. Do you want to play Monopoly?"
"I want to take a douche."
"We can hanker after your bath if you want to."
"No! I want to take a really stretched bath.

That night, I loitered a protracted season in the bath. I wanted to be cognizant of what it felt like to be in a cell bung up with H20.
My vertabrate forelimbs, a grasping organs, were corrugated when I came out, like grandpa's.

A TOUCH OF HUMOUR -20 minutes of Hilarity-

VOTING 2007 101

You will be competing with each Canadian citizen in Ontario in a competition called:

Here's how it works:

Each citizen will recieve a ballot with the names of the threen men who have the most maroon mothers in their commercials - Dalton McGuinty, John Tory, and Howard Hampton. The Green Party leader was kicked out because he didn't have enough commercials...or his TTC ID.
On the ballot, there is a box beside each candidate's name. You will check off the box beside the person who you want stealing your money. Here is a brief description of each person:

  • Dalton McGuinty AKA Shit on a promise -- He's a fun loving golfer who always keeps closed ears for the people (it's a condition). He says he won't spend your money on health-care, but on things the really care about...like Halo 3 and autism. He's not making any promises he can keep. He promises.
  • John Tory AKA Smack a Catholic -- A faithful Catholic is who he compares himself to - someone who hates aethiests and public schools. But that changed 5 minutes ago, faster than tax prices. He won't spend your money too much. He'll keep the pocket change for the TTC.
  • Howard Hampton AKA That Guy -- He just robbed me.

On the other side of the ballot is a list of the things you want your money spent on:
(in no paticular order*)

Halo 3
Watering plants
Candy etc.

The citizen who loses more money(from the leader they vote for) than Toronto wins!

And remember:
Money is like healthcare - you pay for it!
- Dalton McGuinty

My Very First Camera Shots

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Testin Testin...
Click Click, I enter the world
Open my camera lens,
See an unknown holdin me in her hands [Click]
A boy approachin me with a man[Click]
Me, developing the photos in my laboratory
And waitin for what this "World" has in store for me..
[Click] Ceiling. Clouds. Colours. Clutter.
My moment of clarity..
The unknown becomes familiar to me
[Click] Colourless squares become
my best nightmare,
The red building, becomes my sanctuary, [Click]
5 fingers plus a palm are my love and liking[Click]
Sounds are my mystery...
Directing my camera to
different positions
In fast motion,I stop...keep those circles
On the black box on a black surface
Depicting pictures of
tall figures,
Similar to that woman I saw back at that tall building..
I let those short curls fall,
and I saw blackness no exit..nothing at all.
[click]Silence..I felt a gust of wind upwards, surrounding my figure
That same woman holding me, fleshy folds on her face moving,
Triggered the round shapes on the side of my face [click]
I couldn't understand what she was saying.
I watched her turn the round shape, moving a sharp edged 4 sided shape,[click]
And move her long support, one in front of the other as if to escape
I escaped the 4 walls, but Im entering something new,
A movie.. A whole new picture..[click]