what can i say? i'm an eccentric woman.

got more soul

than a sock

with a hole.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

City Lights.

Check 1,2..

The city lights are up in flames. These lush lights chase the night quietly, not a sound in sight. Not a soul in search of day. I stand unmoving, high on wakefulness and alone, existing outside time and space peacefully. The atmosphere is forever in motion. Streams of scarlet brilliance drift across the busy roads. People pace and wander around my invisible self like a gifted hand is hastily painting moving sketches. My eyes can’t keep up. Midnight blues and divine violets rove along, swiftly. Flashes here, flashes there. I stand unmoving. The city lights breathe the musty air with me and watch the sky strip down to its undressed body too. A midnight clearing arrives. Dazzling. A train passes me by, heading in the right direction.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

my eyes now tell a story...

hello world.

been a minute since i've written. my exams are approaching me with lightening speed and so, i'm a little scurred. but it's cool, i'm calm, i'm relaxed. can't believe my first year of university is almost up. insanely sane. time flies with the swiftness. my dad is just as amazed as me - he was telling me that he remembers when i was this high. crazy.


it's 3:10 am. and i'm studying like a fool, listening to mixing monthly homies fs green and full crate - they are sooooo dope, check them out. i was writing this thing about facebook, kinda unfinished but it was inspired by seeing someone glued to the computer that eventually turned into a joke that eventually turned into some written rhyme-like words, haha. set to dwele's im cheating, since it was playing at the time. it goes "i can't log into facebook/i don't really know what's wrong/ i've typed in my password like 8 times/ and caps lock sure ain't on..." there was more. i know this 'cause i wrote it on a napkin. and bam, it disappeared. flew away? don't know. but whatever, the rest is coming. ummm...i don't know what else to say about myself - never been good at it anyway.

my homie renzo had his b day 2 days ago - yes i remembered =). i'm late on this entry but it's ok. happy belated b-day dude. i've known him for like 5 years now and he's like a brother to me...my third brother. like a younger brother...even though he's older than me. he's such a kid at heart. i've talked to him about just about any and everything there is to talk about. we argue...and he's a stubborn punk sometimes, but i've got love in my heart for him. he's an amazing writer...actually inspired me to start a website and develop my writing - bet you didn't know that did you? *heart*. ah, so many memories. i'm not the mushy-type much, but i love you man. this one's for you. (it ain't like that, but you get what' im sayin, haha)
dueces. more writtens will follow, trust.

Friday, April 10, 2009

You on point, Tip?

Always on point.

Much love to one of my favourite artists ever, Kamaal The Abstract. Happy birthday.

Timeless music and creativity travels with you.
So true, so funky...so fresh. Legendary.

Have a good one.