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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Peresopolis Obfuscation (Pg 24-25)

I double twofold two times dare you to figure out what's going on here...
So, he was frequently sent to an oubliette. Sometimes, they installed him in a cubicle filled with the inorganic mineral with 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen for more than 3600 seconds. I remember when I was a small homosapien with two X chromosomes...
Everytime there was a buffet on the portal, I thought they were advancing to cart off my begetter to gaol.
And the negative reciprocal of -1 times out of the negative reciprocal of -1/2 it was veracious.
  1. "Greetings, is the human who carried you for nine months here?"
    "Negative! Why?"
  2. "Is your begetter home?"

The human with 2 X chromosomes that gave me half her genes went with me to sojourn him.
"Daddy, can I ride on your spine?"
"Terminate it, he is enervated."
"Of course you can."
"Giddiyap! Giddiyap!"

The impecunious man. The dungeon had dismantled his soundness. He had various conditions characterized by inflammation or pain in muscles, joints, or fibrous tissues. All his sparkle he was in throes.
"Come on. That juncture is bygone. Do you want to play Monopoly?"
"I want to take a douche."
"We can hanker after your bath if you want to."
"No! I want to take a really stretched bath.

That night, I loitered a protracted season in the bath. I wanted to be cognizant of what it felt like to be in a cell bung up with H20.
My vertabrate forelimbs, a grasping organs, were corrugated when I came out, like grandpa's.

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