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got more soul

than a sock

with a hole.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Stream of Conciousness

"Hello? Hello!"
"Who is it?' Christiansen asks, but I hardly hear him.
"Hello? Hello! I'm yelling. It isn't that the connection is bad. It's crystal clear, there's no static at all. But no one's there, just silence.
"Sir, who is it?" Christiansen bleats, but I shove my hand toward the cop to shut him up. I don't hand up because I realize it's not quite silence I'm hearing. It's breathing. Someone's breathing.
"Who is this?" I ask, trying to control my voice. "Who is it?"
And then a Roman candle of relief explodes in my chest as Kevin's voice flutters into my ear, tremulous and tentative:

Continued by moi:
"Kevin? Kevin! Kevin, say something!"
"Hello? Hello!"
But he's gone. No more breathing. The pulsing sound of the phone is the onlt sound traveling through my ears. I felt obliged to keep the phone to my ear, hoping Kevin's voice gets in the way of the phone's humdrum voice.
"Sir, who was it? Who called you?"
"Shut up!" I said out of frustration.
I cried a brook of tears. They slithered down my face like a snake preparing for an attack. I felt nothing though. I glanced down at my chest and saw only my skin glistening with tears and my shirt turning darker shades of grey.
"How could I have let them out of my sight?" I said to myself, disappearing into my thoughts.
I snapped out of it and took a glimpse of Christiansen. His mouth moving, but only a defeaning silence let loose.

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