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got more soul

than a sock

with a hole.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunrise seethe (fancy fancy, eh?)

My book’s overdue…4 days. I should’ve returned it without ado but fuck that. It’s not that important, right? I owe what, like 45 cents? That’s my entire piggy bank gone. Damn. All those pennies…

“She ain’t got no money in the bank…”

They won’t track me down though. It’s not like I have overdue taxes for the government to enjoy waiting on, shit.

So it’s 6:30 am, and I’m one pissed cookie.

Since yesterday, I sketched out a plan in my mind to run in the morning, 6 am sharp knives. 6 am rolled out of bed with me, and I was getting ready – black tee and tights, messy hair, stank breath and I was red’ to go. I opened the brown door and stepped into my world of focus. I was a dazzling day – light blue skies with stratus clouds, lively trees with tiny birds chirping away, the weightless wind singing a jazz tune. I was walking to run. I took my first running steps, and I could feel a twinge in my knee. My knee felt out of place. When I looked down, I saw why – I forgot my knee brace. While saying a compound of cuss words to myself, I went up the stairs slowly, and got that stupid thing. I went back into my now awry world, and attempted to bring my sketch to life - So much for that. My knee still hurt with every little step I took. Sucks, right? I know. I hung my head low and went inside. Still cussing, I was still glad. I woke up early for once. In my book, that’s a huge accomplishment.

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