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than a sock

with a hole.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Sleeping on Selections.

Happy New Year - good luck with the New Year’s resolutions (that never work).

So like anywhoos, sounds and colours, I’m wide asleep, typing away, trying to figure out why in the world I am staying up for RAMMS when it won’t return the favour. Y’all know what happened last time… 100s of 1000s of lives were at stake on facebook, waiting for RAMMS to work. I was one of them, drinking that late night H20, listening to some smooth jazz while tapping my sleepy fingers to my own rhythm. It was a drag, a long, slow, drag. But it was comical sensing the frustration in the comments, the impatience in the words and the “error 502” t-shirt business suggestions flying over the screen in straight lines with every refresh button click. It was quite the early dawn.
Fast forward one semester in ‘09, and the same shit is happening. Only this time, I’m off to bed.

RAMMS Resolution for 2009: Get its shit together. (Never Never gonna happen).

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