what can i say? i'm an eccentric woman.

got more soul

than a sock

with a hole.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Awake & Untitled.

I woke up this morning, brainsick from last night. Or was it early morning? Four of Five? I wonder. I was so drunk on troubled thoughts, drunk beyond this earth. The time of time seemed so endless that I lost myself. I felt strange. Still do. My mind was just drifting off into all kinds of places with no direction. Did I go to Mars or Venus? While reminiscing about what I could remember, the brimming bags under my half-opened eyes start to vanish slowly - with the swipe of my hand. Nasty, but necessary. Rising from the bed, I was. The pool of dried drool and the soft sheets were left behind in no hurry. It was like separating body and soul, which is damn near impossible. No school today, for once. Nothing to do, as usual. My feet descended to the floor, sitting as still as the sleeping beauty.

I gazed outside into the young day, carefully thinking about yesterday. A slight breeze entered through the window, tickling my skin. The sky was the sea; slow drifting clouds consumed by the blues with a purple tinge. The sea was the sky; rippling in the water. The trees swayed their ripened bodies to the divine tune of the wind. Birds flew towards the light while I tried not to look. The last thing I need is burned retinas. But the first thing I need is some serenity. My head’s killing me, and certainly not softly. I still smiled to the day because I’m happy to be.

It was a busy morning. The trains blew heavy smoke and headed past GO. No collection for those drivers. Cars rolled down the streets blaring horns and engines, hoping to fly by smoothly on the highway in due time. I just hoped to get by today. The people were like silhouettes; morning marauders moving rapidly in all directions. Heels clicked and sneakers slid. My slippers tiptoed to the next room.

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