what can i say? i'm an eccentric woman.

got more soul

than a sock

with a hole.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Ah, finally! The family barbeque is here. I was growing shack-wacky for a minute, mang. Staying inside all the time with nothing to do is just not my thing. My family is…diverse, if you will. You’ve got your spangers, those “I have money but I’ll ask you for some anyway” folks, the shady and sheisty but pleasant family segotias, the happy-clappy ho…stesses with big bazooties, and the never ending number of nuff nuffs who act with bozocity and need to learn how to shut up and colour! They’re always mean-muggin’ someone, especially if they don’t get their fukubukuros at New Years. Ungrateful motherfuckers always want to be surprised with gifts. Then you’ve got me, the barbeque stopper who’s baaaaalllin all the time with maaaad cheddar and hates when religious MSN users, like those amongst my family, say Laugh My Ass Off outloud…like that shit’s funny.

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