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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bus Stops Anonymous

Don't ask me about the title.
Subway Day

The subway. Clean windows, dirty seats - moving pictures and still images.
I haven't been on it in a while, so I don't even know the stops well. I was constantly looking at the map like a crazy person - my eyes widened and my mouth open, staring into space like I'm retarded (no offense). It was hard for me to see though; sitting down and looking up at a whole bunch of coloured and colourless heads of hair.
So...I got bored. I had no music on me, games, that new technology shit...nothing. I decided to just look at people's faces and examine them like a coroner does with dead bodies. Like some girls, I just pointed out misperfections.
Too skinny. Her nose is too long. His hair looks like it has lice. That dude really needs to get his teeth fixed. Ugly this, ugly that....
It's so easy to point out the things wrong with people...when you're not telling them about it.
So...I'm still bored. So I'm lookin' straight ahead...watching the scenary go by like a slowed down bullet. Trees look like scribbles of green and lines of brown, and the clouds look like a mix of white and blue. A biracial person who doesn't exist.
This blonde-haired, long nosed, big footed, freckle faced lady (I told you it was easy) was staring at me. I know I'm gorgeous, but damn...do I have a car on my face? Jeez...
I find that shit so rude you know? When people are just watching you like you owe them something. Or as if you're supposed to give them something. That is just not cool. Shut up and colour! Bazootie.
Finally, she looks over to the ad for covergirl. Good...because she needs some of that shit on her face...Bitch...ok I don't mean that but it just came out. I have a swearing problem I'm recovering from so...bear with me.
My stop comes and I'm pushing my way through this crayola box of colours to get myself off the subway. I've got to meet someone here so that we can go to an appointment.
Man I hate waiting long...it sucks. I can be impatient at times...and this time, is the time.
I was over at the stairs, staring down like I was about to jump. Would be cool if I couldn't bust my ass. I was really lookin' out for the people I was waiting for.
I swear man, I waited for like...30 minutes. And then finally she comes. She explained herself and what not, we talked a bit, and we still waited. Why? Because I had to wait for my siblings. Goooooosh. Yup, trying not to say the Lord's name in vain.
They come waaaaaaay later and then we take the bus from there.

Oh there's more...but it's not important.

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