what can i say? i'm an eccentric woman.

got more soul

than a sock

with a hole.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Personal Pieces.

My brain blew a fuse like shoes on a landmine
I exploded into the sky; a million pieces
drifting from side to side like long case clocks
It’ll make you stop like bike shocks
I was so angry that they didn’t understand me
Fathom my blues, greens, and yellows like family
One person blamed me, pointing peter pointer fingers
Abusing my mind with cutting edge words like sinner
I went without dinner that night
I just stayed in my room
four walls shaded black with no shadows looming or light
Boarded up windows, a prisoner of my mentality
I fought with myself…the guilt lingered inside of me
I thought to myself, man why would she do this?
Intentions so cruel like Sebastian and the new kid
I cried tears lucid, my heart pierced as my ears
This is nothing new,
My soul’s been wandering for years.

I’m on the receiving end of ill will, when I’d look into her eyes
A vibe so intense that it almost took my life
I send it back with a receipt, ‘cause I feel the same way
The connection was never good,
internet bills were never paid.
I’d punish myself, when I step outside the inner circle
and think they’d be better off without me lurking.
I even scrutinize all the matter of the atoms
Such a misfit I am, like Urkel.
The weight on my shoulders like a middle-class worker
Weighs more than 3 times the weight of mother earth, and
It’s funny, the brawls between us led to my ripped shirt.

Pieces of me, finally fall to the floor
She’s happy; she doesn’t have to stress anymore.

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