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Friday, September 14, 2007

AWKwards WAWKing

I almost got hit by a car while running for the bus.
The red hand was flashing on and off. I knew I had to pick up my sibling so I couldn’t be late. Technically, it wasn’t red light yet, so I thought that I could make it.
Then I turned to my left and saw a car coming towards me fast. Tires screeching and vroom vrooms danced through my ears. My eyes and mouth widened for a split second and I dodged it very quickly, backpack on my back and book and water bottle in hand. Stupid motherfucker didn’t see me. I have the right of way.

“You stupid bitch!”

That’s all that I heard…and it stayed there – only for a few seconds though. That careless driver must have thought I cared what he said the same way he doesn’t care the way he drives. I didn’t care for his words…only that I was on the bus. Almost being hit by a car didn’t faze me for some reason. It happened…and then I moved into the future. I should’ve been scared out of my mind right? I should’ve been crying and complaining like a tween who wants a celly.
Maybe it was that I didn’t believe that I would get hit. Me? No way, you know?
Maybe I was just in the zone…only thinking about what time I would arrive at my sibling’s school. I hate being late.
Aside from the episode, I’m still wondering why I reacted the way I did.
This isn’t the first time I’ve reacted oddly to a bad situation. I find myself smiling or just pokerfaced with a nonchalant attitude when challenges, personal or not, come my way.
I don’t know…
Maybe I was just meant to be different.

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