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Thursday, November 15, 2007

What Time Is It Mr Wolf?

“A little girl named Jae-eung Lee was found dead 5 km from the outhouse behind her school. She was…"
“Shit,” said Detective Park Doo-Man with a hint of fury. He turned the TV off.
“That’s body number three from last week,” uttered Detective Seo Tae-yoon with a heavy sigh. “The report says that some of the girl’s classmates said they’ve been seeing a mysterious man behind the school for a while. They say that he’s the serial killer. We already questioned that no help fucker witness of the man. Anyway, it says here that there was no evidence left behind,” Park read.
“Killers always go back to the scene of the crime. Let’s go there tonight,” Tae-yoon said with the confidence of an undecided voter.

The wind whistled like a champ. The two detectives hid behind the big rock far from the outhouse. They kept lookout like lighthouses. The outhouse was grungy-looking. The windows were boarded up. The door was broken. The roof was uneven. It smelled like rotting flesh. The outhouse seemed isolated from the world. The detectives waited with not one word exchanged between. No one or nothing crossed their view – until it started to rain. A man exited the outhouse with a bone in his mouth. He scratched his bushy beard. He had jagged nails that could cut through anyone’s dreams. He howled, exposing his sharp stained teeth. He was like a wolf. Detective Park moved his foot to get ready. Snap went the branch. The unknown man swiftly turned around in the direction of the noise. His eyes were beady – and yellow. He started to run.

The two detectives exploded with speed. They ran after the animal. Their feet were smashing the puddles of diluted mud into a million shattering shapeless pieces. The suspect was running so fast, dodging the bullets of rain shooting from the sky. But he tripped. The two detectives, panting like two fat kids, took the animal into custody.

“Why did you kill the little girl?” Detective Doo-Man asked with a vengeance in the questioning room.
It looked more like a dungeon. Silence was squeezed by the neck.
“Ha. She doesn’t belong, that’s why,” the nameless man laughed.
“Why are women here anyway? Huh? They’re not people. They need to be annihilated!”
He started to yell. “I want to taste the air of their non-existence! Their flesh and bones need to be ripped from their bodies first! It’s time for the world order to be restored!”

Detective Tae-yoon rapidly reached across the dusty table and grabbed the no name man’s scruffy neck.

“Listen you piece of shit, you’re going to go to jail forever for the three murders!” He yelled like a lion.
He punched the face of the murderer. He kept punching that face. He stopped. The unknown man touched his bruised and battered face. He laughed again.

“Everyone knows you torture innocent people. So go ahead, kill me,” he offered nonchalantly with a smile.

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