what can i say? i'm an eccentric woman.

got more soul

than a sock

with a hole.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

[B]lack Hole

Plunge into an abyss

No escape

Stretched by oblivion
I feel my body leaving me
Time slowing down swiftly


The torturous twinge tears me in two

Every inch inches away,
every chip chips away

Life’s lives on outside of me

(This is one of those "don't ask me what it means" poems)


Alena said...

every chip chips away. haha i likke.

MC said...

U're a really good writer and it shows on ur blog

cupids EYE said...

Jean u'r blog is WICKED!!!!!!!! by the way is mc tryin a thing or what? :( lol

Ms.Madame Fantasmia said...

Thanks Jean I officially hate time...

Moby Dick said...

Death 0_____0