what can i say? i'm an eccentric woman.

got more soul

than a sock

with a hole.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Old Works

Beautiful Dancer

Lyrics move her lyrically

Leaping lovely across the stage with ease

Turns and twirls,

Enchanting the eyes of her world.

She moves her body,


Like poems of cursive writing,

A dream of beauty.

She spread her soul in the sky

Passionate flying

Her eyes as the stars


Like there's no life tommorow.

A beautiful dancer,

A song in disguise,

A woman with soul,

A real fantasy.


There once was a girl from Peru

who was walking around with the flu

She coughed and she sneezed

all her boogers on me

and my friend said "Jean, why so blue?"

My Smile

I carry my smile wherever I go

Inside my pocket, where it won't show

I wear it when I see my friends

Straighten it out when I see my foes

Flip it upside down when I'm drowning

in my tears, my smile is no more.

When I see that special someone, I stretch the ends, 4 by 7

So that he'll notice me and answer me like a question

I wear it in class when I'm doing my work

But hide it if the teacher starts to lurk

My smile and I, we are close for sure

We share good food, jokes, and words

I take good care of my smile and it takes care of me

Give it whatever it needs

I don't want to end up

with chapped lips and bad teeth

It helps me laugh and feel happy

even in pictures, I wear it and say CHEESE!

My smile's like my best friend

Funny and lovely,

A star that lights up in the sky above me =]

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