what can i say? i'm an eccentric woman.

got more soul

than a sock

with a hole.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Old Works

Just thinkin'
- 'Bout my own mind, and how it's like a film strip
Just flippen through each still picture, then stoppin at one in paticular,
Perpindicular, are the lines of an X, similar, to X on ma chest

Just thinkin'
- 'Bout the people that I know, and how they have nothing to show,
But somethin to hide, and why, I deal with them? I don't know,
Just the flow of the whole world makes me wonder, why do I
do the things I do, just to be cool and show that I am no fool?

Just thinkin'
Bout the things that I see, and how the homeless on the street,
Have nothin' to eat, the crackheads walkin clumsily, and the children
gettin abused, used, and bein confused, bout what to do, choices to make
will either build or break you down underground, to your grave...

Just thinkin'
Bout beauty, and how it has many definitions, people reminiscin, sayin size zeros
are the best, but you know, beauty doesn't show, unless you know, who you are, look in the mirror, know that you a star

Just thinkin'
- Bout love and what it really means, and how I'm lookin' to love someone and for someone
to love me, for who I am and who I is, sticks and stones break your bones...and words will always
stick with you, in your mind, and once they're in, you'll completely forget about time..

Just thinkin'
- Bout the black folk these days, and how the ways of our kind, has turned back time, a whole lot, just the thought of the word "nigga" kills me inside, because I'm tryna rise to the top and these flip flop blacks tryna act, tough, droppin outta school, breaken all the rules...then it's complaints about racism and critism..but it doesn't makes sense because your intuitions of your decisions are your own fault or success..

Just thinkin'
- Bout the gurls these days, tryna dress older than their age, without a page in their mind of what to do and how to do it...it's unprotected sex and parents gettin' vex over baby mamas bein 13, 14, and even 15...Gurls havin abortions, havin gurl fights, Looken for a boy to say "Damn" in da middle of the night...We gettin abducted, killed, raped, and murdered, and all you can say is "It'll never happen to me." Gurl please.

Just thinken
- Bout how to end this poem, it's been a long one, been a long day, and by the way...i enjoyed ya precense cuz time is of the essence...but promise me one thing...Visit my site again, and tell ya friends, cuz signen the Guest book aint nothin but a G thang

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