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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Society’s loveable words of wisdom… (Journal)

ter•ror•ist (tĕr'ər-ĭst)
A Muslim man who hates America with an ardor ablaze. He’s willing to trade its death and destruction for his life; a martyr. He has scornful eyes and a haunting grin – a devil in disguise. His name angers the fearless. His shabby beard attracts the fearful. No one knows when he’ll strike. People run away when he enters public places. He’s always clasping a black bag. “He’s got a bomb!” They bellow in their minds.Insurgents wander in the masses namelessly. They await his signal. They await their calling. They await their fate.
Of or relating to Muslims

gang•ster (găng'stər)

A young black male who roams the streets at night. He wears baggy blue jeans with a t-shirt the size of the world. His fitted cap masks his lonely eyes. His favorite color is black. His deadbeat dad disappears like time. His mother is always yelling. He doesn’t go to school – it’s for suckers. He doesn’t go home – it’s for nobody. Only his boys understand him. The rest of the world – fuck the rest of the world.
A member of a gang; anybody but a white man or a female.

bitch (bĭch)

A person who is afraid to do something.Don’t be a bitch about it – just smoke the damn blunt
A woman; bodacious, smart, intellectual, blonde, Asian, skinny…Any kind of woman.
A girl; 5 years old, 8 years old, 5th graderApplies to any kind of girl
A female; woman, girl, lady, daughter, mother

hood1 (hʊd)

That place where black people live

hood2 (hʊd)

That thing on the back of your sweater.

nig·ger (nĭg'ər) (or nigga)
n. “Offensive”

a. A black person, mostly referring to a black male
What up, my nigga?!
b. Anybody of any race from any place in the world
“Anybody can be a nigga – white people, black people, Asian people.
We all niggas in a good way” – (Ignorant motherfucker)
c. The opposite of its original meaning

rock·er (rŏk'ər)

1. A white person who listens to rock music. They wear rocker chains with black nail polish. Their faces are splashed with heavy black make-up. Their hair looks like sharp metal. Dark colors make them happy.

white (hwīt, wīt)

1. A colorless square
2. A person with skin resembling a peach crayon who pronounces every single letter in any and every word. Superiority is them, so they fear change. They fear “other” people rising like gas prices. They do activities that no one else would do (ex. Kayaking, jumping off of a cliff, etc.). When there are crazy killers talked about on the tell lie vision, it’s usually them. They’re favored, more loved, and the norm of the world
3. A black intellect that doesn’t fit the stereotype of a black person.

love (lŭv)

1. Hugging, kissing, touching, hurting, slapping, smacking, throwing, killing…
2. Buying a diamond for your wife; buying your kids Nintendo DSs
3. A nice feeling

dirt·y (dûr'tē)
adj., -i·er, -i·est.

Wearing the same skinny jeans on two consecutive days


Alena said...

That thing on the back of your sweater.
Very interesting to read as well.

Procrastinator said...

hahah nice definition for those terms you have there.

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