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than a sock

with a hole.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Intro-speckt// (Still searching)

Hey. Been almost a month since I’ve updated. My bad for that. Just finished my first semester of school…Yep, I can’t believe it either; time flies doesn’t it lol. Anywhoos…this is a little song I just wrote; kind of a free write. I was listening to Eric Benet’s exquisite song “Chocolate Legs” and I kinda got inspired in the weirdest way. The album is fire btw; I’m hoping I get it for Christmas.
Is the song unfinished? No clue. Y’all should know by now things just don’t make any damn sense with me until I give them a little bit of thought, haha. I’m a “let it flow” type of writer. But check it anyway.

Intro-speckt (Still Searching)

I’m still searching
For a melody, for a song
For the keeper of the keys to my shattered, lonely heart

I’m still searching
For that little smile on my face
For the sunshine to bring me happinessthat my memory can’t erase

The days keep getting longer with every kiss of night
I feel like a stranger to my life sometimes
These walls keep getting taller,
I can’t seem to break them down
How do I set myself free when there’s no one around?

I’m still searching

for that lovely summer day
For the strength in me to wash the troubles away

I’m still searching
For the woman that is I
To find the peace in me
That’s just slowly passing me by…

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