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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You didn't dig my flow, but you're still welcome.

White dog barked at me the other day while I was on my way to class. I just can’t catch a break, can I…even when I’m tryna get my education lol. I’m playin’.

I feel like it’s the middle of the year already. 2009. Wow. Days are just going by so fast. I can’t even absorb the day’s events and the night’s episodes. I get taken aback by it sometimes, almost overwhelmed. Is my life really progressing like this? It’s always good to just take two steps back and really take a look at the unfinished painting that is my life. I always find something I’ve noticed.
So, I missed the big Laker/Boston game. MISSED all of it. Every last (b)ounce of it. Why? Studying. Just haaaaaaad to study. Study all the wrong material for that matter, lol. I get to my psychology exam and half the shit I studied wasn’t even on it. The fuck was that? I was just singing D’s song in my head…

Shit, damn, motherfucker

Pretty much summed up how I was feeling. Nonetheless I think I did OK. But OK in my terms is not really OK, persay, kinda, sorta. Whatevs though, because it’s only the first exam. It’s not the end of the world…or so I think. Dun Dun Dun Dun!

I’m just about restless, yet tired of this sentence structure so I’m gonna just sum everything up point form bullet bullet style.

- I missed Tip on Ellen. ELLEN! Fuuuuudge.
- Grammy’s sucked. Jazzy was robbed. Carrie Underwood was blazing. Sugarland was sick. Radiohead’s performance was wicked cool. Boyz II Men singing background pissed me off. Jamie Foxx and Neyo singing with the two four tops while Boyz II Men was in attendance pissed me off. Jazzy got robbed. Miley Cyrus should quit singing. J-Hud was amazing. Eric B and fam looked soo beautiful. Robin Thicke was THAT DUDE; his vocals are just…stunning. N.O tribute was nice. J.T. and T.I. were O.K. Swagga like us performance was just eh…M.I.A is a trooper. Jonas Brothers and Stevie Wonder collabo was not the business…And it’s MR WONDER to y’all.
- 24…still gotta watch it.
- Needa write some poems/songs/regular nonsensical stuff.
- I’m racking my brain about the guitar on Downtime remix by Foreign Exchange…I swear I’ve heard it somewhere…”Cuz I ain’t got fuck-around time…”
- I love soulbounce.com
- According to Q-tip, D’s album is coming in 2010 and a single is dropping in the fall.
- Happy B-day D’angelo =). You know a full blog entry is gonna be dedicated to him right? Lol
- I don’t get why a woman and her husband sat on opposite ends of the subway seats, holding a conversation when there were three seats beside her. SMDH. Yelling and shit like I wanted to hear all that.
- Exam this Friday my favourite number day. Excellent.
- You know, it’s really annoying to have a class full of about 25 and have about 17 of them with laptops typing EVERYTHING the prof puts up on the slides…almost in motherfuckin unison! LOL. Kinda irritating me, the notepad guru. I just kept saying WTF. I think the prof was too ‘cause she kept stopping here and there with a “holy shit” look on her face.
- Eccentricity makes the world go round.
- Ever makes jokes to yourself? Yeah, I do that too and end up smilling a little too much for my own good, haha. Just the other day I saw a girl at the subway and said to myself “she looks like Dubaku from 24” LOL.
- Facebookers need to lay off the 25 things about me shit. I remember clicking on the notes link and just seeing the ENTIRE first two pages filled with that. Some girl in my class was even doing it during lecture lmao. It’s 09. Let’s do better, haha.

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